The healthcare industry is facing rising costs, consumers are being charged too much, and Congress has been left trying to fix it all. Premier IT service provider Outsource Testing, Inc. (OST) has announced the successful expansion of their Healthcare Quality Management software services program. The program provides comprehensive professional services to Healthcare organizations throughout the country. OST’s business-oriented services support medical groups, as well as large integrated delivery networks and insurance providers. Outsource Testing’s Quality Management services have resulted in improved efficiencies, increased regulatory compliance, and sustainable profitability by way of automating manual paper-driven workflows throughout the practice.

“OST has been assisting healthcare professionals and technology product providers for almost two decades. In that time, we have supported business workflow optimization projects, enhanced Call Centers, EHR projects, improved billing systems and provided short-term resources to align organizational goals with achievable timelines,” said Brian Pinkus, Founder & CEO.

In addition to new software implementation projects, new regulations and legislation require healthcare providers and insurers to continually navigate software and process changes that are compliant with ACA/HIPAA/HITECH regulations. OST efficiently supports all phases of the software lifecycle throughout the patient-care process. The results of OST’s services help organizations become more capable of adapting to system and business process updates that are in line with regulatory updates.

Outsource Testing’s knowledge of the industry, it’s technology products and business practices supply unmatched IT Professional services competency.

About Outsource Testing, Inc.

Headquartered in California, for more than two decades Outsource Testing, Inc. specializes in Quality Management, Custom Software Development & Technical Support.  As a premier IT Professional Services firm and support provider, Outsource Testing is committed to excellence in the delivery of technology services.

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